Mario Watch

Mario is the iconic character of Nintendo’s video games and a favorite of many children and adults worldwide. Many people have collected Mario items such as toys, games and even furniture. However, the most impressive collection of Mario items is the series of watches. These watches feature Mario himself in several different designs and styles. No matter what style you prefer, you can find a Mario watch that matches your own style. Effortless and easy to use Super Mario Nintendo Boys’ Digital Kids Quartz Movement Watch, fun to wear. LCD display, glass dial, Black watch band. NOT WATER RESISTANT, please keep it away from water.

Super Mario LCD Flashing Watch with Blue Strap

The first watch inspired by Mario was created by Iwata & Co. in 1983. Nintendo decided to create a watch based on their successful game Mario Bros. They wanted to promote the new watch with character depictions from the game; including Mario himself in the form of a mustache and hat. Since then, many other companies have produced watches featuring Mario’s iconic features. These include a boyish face with green eyes, blue eyes and blond hair. Some watches also feature red hair with a mustache and green eyes, which is the typical color scheme for Mario’s skin tone.

Perfect for any Mario and Luigi fan!

This Digital Super Mario Kids Watch is the perfect gift for kids! With a clear, easy-to-read digital display and precise quartz movement, this digital watch is a great accessory your child will love wearing and using! This digital watch for kids is a stylish accessory for kids featuring their favorite Super Mario characters. Your kids will use it every day, learn to tell the time and show it to their friends. You can also set your watch to vibrate whenever your blood pressure reaches a certain level or count your steps when you walk. Although these watches are entertaining, they’re not necessary if you already have an analog watch.

Hour and minute hands with letters so children can easily learn to tell time

Many people collect watches inspired by Mario- including those with his iconic appearance and characteristics. For example, collectors may own a watch that features green eyes like Mario’s or a boylike face like the one from Nintendo’s watches. Other people collect entire collections of Nintendo-themed items such as video games, toys and clothing for infants and children. Collectors may even have entire rooms dedicated to displaying their prized possessions from Nintendo franchises such as Zelda or Metroid. Some of these displays are elaborate work of art incorporating thousands of pieces collected over decades.

With user-friendly features and simple design, your child will be reading and telling you the time in no time!

Whether you’re collecting a watch or displaying one at home, it would look great next to your other Mario items! Many people collect watches inspired by Mario because they look great and are fun to use whenever you want to listen to your favorite music or hear your favorite sound effects from the games. Plus, each one features iconic characteristics from one of Nintendo’s most famous characters! This kids digital watch for boys and girls comes in a kid-friendly, easy-to-open box, perfect for gift packaging. This is a great gift idea for party favors and goody bags. Case size: 40mm. This children’s watch comes with a watch battery and a one-year warranty from Accutime Watch. Not waterproof.

Super Mario Frame Wall Clock Great Gift or Office Wall Decor 9.5″

Perfect for any Mario and Luigi fan! This clock features lettered hour and minute hands so kids can easily learn to tell time. There are also 5-minute intervals engraved on the bezel of the watch. It has a comfortable elastic band that closes with a buckle. Not waterproof, provides detangling. Official Nintendo Super Mario Kids Watch. Share the fun and excitement with the Official Nintendo Super Mario Watch. All of our watches feature an image of the famous and beloved hero Super Mario on the dial and packaging.

5 minute intervals are engraved on the watch bezel & Comfortable blue elastic strap with buckle that fits perfectly on your child’s wrist


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