Mario Shoes

Starting with the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Nintendo produced several sequels to their iconic game Mario Brothers. Each new Mario game introduced new characters, powers and levels. However, one thing remained the same in every new Mario game: Mario’s signature red hat and green boots. Many believe that wearing these colors makes people feel more energetic and cheerful. In other words, wearing these colors has positive effects on a person’s personality.

INDOOR AND OUTDOOR: Kids can enjoy these skate shoes indoors and outdoors – at home, in the park, and at school!

Super Mario Fun: Super Mario Bros. Mario and Luigi are back! Enjoy the comfort of these cool, fun kids’ slip-on sneakers featuring Mario (the famous plumber from fantastic Nintendo Switch games like Mario Kart or Mario Bros.) and Luigi’s exciting Light-up 3D embossing for fun mix and match kid’s shoe designs. Officially licensed Super Mario Bros. by Nintendo. The perfect gift for Nintendo Super Mario fans!
IT LIGHTS UP: Super Mario and Luigi Nintendo sneakers light up with every step! The bright red light flashes and glows as your child walks. He’ll love stomping on them to get going! All-day comfort: The shoe is made of lightweight material that is very comfortable and flexible. A padded rolled collar and soft footbed ensure your little Nintendo, Super Mario and Mario Bros. fan is comfortable! These boys sneakers feature a durable rubber sole that provides excellent traction while playing.

Warmth and Comfort: Soft canvas upper provides maximum warmth and comfort

In the original Mario game, Mario stood out from his enemies by wearing blue shoes. This gave him an advantage as he could move faster and jump farther than anyone else. The color blue represents a sense of power, peace, prosperity and victory in many cultures. According to the Dictionary of Superlatives, the color blue has great psychological effects on people because it is calm, cool and serene. Essentially, wearing blue makes people feel safe and calm while also making them feel powerful and confident. Therefore, wearing blue seems to have a positive effect on people’s moods.

NINTENDO: Super Mario Bros. officially licensed by Nintendo

Super Mario shoes are well-made and comfortable. Each shoe is made with thick leather and sturdy rubber soles. This gives the shoes great traction as they walk across hard surfaces and grass. Additionally, all of the shoes’ stitching is perfect as it separates Mario’s feet from the shoe’s frame perfectly. This shows how much work goes into making a quality set of Mario shoes- and it seems to have worked! Some people wear their Mario boots to walk across various terrains with ease. Other people wear them when they go jogging through grassy areas or over hardwood floors. However, all people wear them for similar reasons when they’re out in public. Apparently, people feel more energetic when they’re wearing comfortable shoes like these!

EASY FIT & LACE-FREE: No laces, no worries! The Mario and Luigi Sneaker features an elastic closure at the top to keep your boy’s feet comfortable, while the adjustable Velcro straps provide extra support. He’ll enjoy the comfort—you’ll never have to worry about him tripping over shoelaces again.
WHAT SIZE SHOULD I BUY: These are the “full size” shoes for US kids in sizes 10 to 2: Toddler Boys 10, Boys 11, Boys 12, Boys 13, Boys 1, and Boys Code 2. If your child’s shoe size falls between these two sizes, please order the next full size. The perfect Nintendo gift for boys ages 3-10.

Shoes with 3D details of Mario and Luigi

Various brands sell various types of merchandise featuring Super Mario characters such as Mario or Luigi. For example, some people sell mario souvenirs such as mario kart steering wheels or mario bobbleheads. Others sell plush toys featuring mario in his iconic green overalls with yellow boots and red hair. Based on what we know so far, it appears that Mario wears blue shoes, has Super Mario shoes and sells lots of merchandise featuring him. We know very little about how he came by his green boots or why he chooses to stand out in a sea of red. However, based on what we do know – plus the examples we introduced above – it appears that Mario wears blue shoes, has Super Mario shoes and sells lots of merchandise featuring him!

Mash-and-match fun: Mario on one side, Luigi on the other. Enjoy Mario and Luigi at the same time!

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