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Another thing to note about Mario is that he loves saving people’s lives at any opportunity possible. Throughout the Super Mario series, Mario and Luigi have saved countless people from dangerous situations. For example, in Super Mario World, the brothers saved Princess Peach from Bowser’s castle after she got trapped there on her wedding day. In addition, they saved Yoshi from certain death after falling into an evil Yoshie’s volcano- Yoshi then became their new pet and partner in crime fighting. Not only does Mario love to save lives; he also loves to share his wisdom with others and spread smiles wherever he goes. Over the years, this trait has earned him the nickname ‘Super Friend.’

Bomber Jacket for Super Mario Fans: Every boy will have a blast with this cool bomber jacket featuring cheerful characters and symbols from the Nintendo Super Mario Bros. video game. A collection of the iconic Super Mario Bros. Graphics: Kids who love Super Mario Bros. will instantly recognize Mario and Yoshi and items from the video game. HIGHEST QUALITY COMFORT: This lightweight Super Mario Bros boys bomber jacket is made of 100% breathable polyester. Whether it’s chilly spring or fall, kids get ready for the weather in style. DURABLE ZIPPER: The zipper on this Nintendo Brand Boys Bomber Jacket is durable and won’t break or bind even through the roughest handling.

Nintendo Super Mario Bomber Jacket for Boys, Nintendo Mario and Luigi Bomber Jacket

There’s no doubt that fans love creating and recreating their favorite mario games. People have created entire industries around playing or making fan creations of Super Mario Bros., Yoshi’s Island, The Legend of Zelda or Sonic the Hedgehog games. These games are played by millions of people worldwide every year in clubs, at exhibitions and online via virtual reality systems like Google Cardboard. The games are also sold by millions of units every year via mobile apps, PC websites, console emulators and more. Clearly, these games have gone mainstream- so much so that major corporations create spinoffs based on famous mario levels like Bowser’s Castle or Princess Peach’s castle.

Nintendo Super Mario Bros. Boys Costume Hoodie, Mario and Luigi Costume Boys Zip Hoodie

Eye-Catching Charming Hoodie: Your child is sure to get noticed while enjoying and wearing this cool costume hoodie. Another fantastic costume to add to your child’s wardrobe! MACHINE WASHABLE – Our Nintendo Super Mario Hoodie is machine washable. 100% high-quality fabric, can withstand heavy washing and still look like new after washing. HIGH QUALITY & BREATHABLE COMFORT – Made from high quality fabric, this video game inspired hoodie will not only make your boy look amazing, but he will feel safe and comfortable. FIRST CLASS PRODUCTS – Trusted by big name brands around the world, with 20 years of experience, we are truly a quality licensed apparel manufacturer. Authorized Manufacturer – We only sell 100% original products. Rest assured you are getting a real bargain when you buy from us. Super Mario Kids Hoodie Mario Kart fans will love this game hoodie. This blue long-sleeved top features Super Mario Bros. on a polka dot background. Features a hem badge with a colorful Super Mario logo. Officially Licensed Super Mario Merchandise.

Hit Donut Hill or Rainbow Road in the Boys’ Mario Kart Long Sleeve T-Shirt:

Say “YIPPEE!” with Nintendo Super Mario Kart characters: Since 1985, Nintendo Super Mario Bros. has been the video game company’s flagship brand. It has spawned everything from TV shows, toys, and movies to boys’ clothing. One of the most popular brand spin-offs is the Nintendo Super Mario Kart series.
These Boys’ Super Mario Kart Long Sleeve T-Shirts are perfect for fun outside on those cool fall days. It comes in five different styles. Two-tone black shirt with gray sleeves featuring Bowser, Mario and Luigi faces. The light blue Super Mario long-sleeved shirt features Mario in the foreground, with silhouettes of other characters and power-ups in the background. DURABLE TO DURABLE: These Nintendo Super Mario Bros boys costumes are made of high quality 100% cotton. This means they are ready for any activity, offering breathability and comfort.

Nintendo Boys Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart Long Sleeve Graphic Tee Shirt Top

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