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Good recreation figures from the Mario video games, movies and tv shows.

Mario is the king of video games- he’s been around since the early 1980s and has starred in over 200 different video games. Many consider Mario to be the quintessential video game character. The character’s simple platforming gameplay and cute, endearing appearance have earned him a devoted fan base. Nintendo has even created a spinoff series featuring characters based on Mario, such as Peach and Yoshi. Anyone who has played a game based on the Mario franchise will tell you that Nintendo has done a stellar job of creating a solid franchise.

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The Mario games are primarily focused around the main character Mario inhabiting his iconic red hat and jacket. Each game centers on stopping the antagonist Bowser from stealing Princess Peach’s castle. Each level takes place in a different part of the Mushroom Kingdom, and players must run and jump their way through each stage. The simple gameplay is easy for anyone to pick up and play. This focus on one character ensures that each new installment maintains its player base. Each new installment introduces new gameplay elements, but keeps its core gameplay easy to learn and play.

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Nintendo has done an excellent job ensuring that their games remain engaging over time. The first Mario game debuted in 1983 for Nintendo’s then-new console the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES). Since then, Nintendo has released several installments in the popular Mario franchise. Each installment remains consistent with its predecessors by focusing on platforming gameplay and featuring the Mushroom Kingdom as its setting. Players have also become accustomed to new characters joining the cast of Mario’s adventures- this includes Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad and more. Even after releasing several installments starring these characters, Nintendo has still managed to breathe new life into their iconic characters.

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The sheer number of Mario games is staggering. Over 200 different games starring Mario have been released worldwide since 1983! These include spinoffs like Super Mario Bros. 3 and WarioWare, Inc., as well as brand new games starring old characters such as Luigi’s Mansion or Bowser Jr.’s arena in Super Smash Bros. Each game is loved by fans thanks to its consistent setting and iconic characters. Nintendo even encourages players to create new versions of their favorite Mario characters using 3D printers. This inspires fans to create unique versions of old favorites such as Goombella or Shocking Piranha Plants!

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The Mario franchise is a classic thanks to its engaging gameplay and beloved characters! Anyone who has played a Mario game will tell you they’re one of the best gaming franchises out there! Nintendo knows how to keep their players entertained with consistent installments set in the same universe. Plus, players have taken advantage of Nintendo’s generous license allowing them to create derivative works with their characters. It’s safe to say that Mario is one of the most recognizable gaming franchises out there!

Nintendo manufactures and sells many Mario-themed merchandise. They also regularly create special limited-edition items for their annual Christmas toy catalog. These include dolls, figurines and plush animals that reverence the iconic characters from their other games- such as Super Mario Bros., Link from The Legend of Zelda or Pac-Man from Ms. Pac-Man Junior. Fans also gather annually at conventions such as Comicon to buy unique outfits for their favorite characters from video games and movies alike. Most famous among these is The Cat in the Hat from Dr. Seuss’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas! who has graced everything from apparel to vinyl figurines over the course of his long career.

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